Saturday, January 31, 2015


Hired a landscaper (the same wonderful man I hired to build the raised garden beds last spring) to level a spot for the greenhouse. 
Thursday, he leveled the space and on Friday, we put the base together and got that level and squared. He then filled the area with some gravel. 

I managed to build one end wall - the door end - today. 

Was a busy day! Earlier in the day, I went out and learned how to set traps. See, I've lost three hens in the past two weeks to coyotes. One grabbed a chicken not 10 feet from me! So my husband's co-worker came over with some traps and showed me how to set them out. 

My muscles are so sore right now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Greenhouse

My new greenhouse was delivered yesterday! 

So excited. 
Got it from FarmTek. The instruction manual is 51 pages long. It doesn't look too complicated though.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hogs are all doing very well. Abigail's skin is a little dry and her coat isn't as dense, but the younger ones are all looking great!

They got a treat the other day, cookie houses we made and decorated on 12/24. They were too stale for people.
Hambone (left) and Dickie (left)

Moving Day

Sunday was spent packing up my oldest son's stuff and moving him to Blacksburg, VA. 

He found a room in a house of four other men that's within walking distance of his new job. He's not starting for another week or so, but he's planning on looking for a second job and getting himself settled in. 

Got his stuff unloaded. 
And then we headed out for some lunch. Packing and driving and unloading had us eating our lunch around 3:30pm. 

After fortifying ourselves with burgers and fries (thank you, Red Robin), we went shopping for some basics: towels, a set of dishes, some cook wear, a trash can, some toiletries, and a nice TV (his was a handmedown of a handmedown and is pretty ancient). I kept asking him "do you need sheets?" The answer was no until I got home and realized that all the linens I washed were still in the same place they were when I folded them.  This morning I ordered him some sheet sets, extra pillowcases, and a small refrigerator. 

Next stop was the closest grocery store. We picked up some food and a $100 gift card so he won't have to worry about food for a little while. 

It's been weird not having him here and I miss him very much. I know this is going to be great for him. Plus, I'm not planning on letting him move back home because I don't think I could do all these emotions all over again. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Have lots of plans again for this year. 

Plan on putting up a greenhouse. I think I'll call the landscaper that did the raised beds and see if they can level and clear out where I want the greenhouse. 

Plan on putting up two bee hives to start. Need to order the parts and get in touch with some of the bee keepers from the Buckingham County Beekeeping group for some advice. 

Plan on trying to get into a farmers market or two this year. Corny Goat Farm is set up as an LLC. Just need to get the tax situation set up and open a business account for banking. 

Lots of plans and ideas. Going to be a great year!