Thursday, September 1, 2016

Surgery Consultation

Met with the surgeon on Tuesday and I'm less freaked out now. One should never look up medical issues on the internet; way too much information.

I asked Dr. S. on a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult is this surgery for you? He smiled at me. He said he took someone's heart out the day before and put it back together. My operation is fairly simple. He then went on to explain where the incision will be, the process for getting into the chest cavity. I'm happy they don't have to break any ribs! And I've already decided that I'm going to get a shark tooth tattoo that looks like it's breaking the skin at the scar. Long story short, while at the beach one summer, the kids were being assholes to one another, and my husband gave them a talk about being siblings and being on the same team and we were Team Shark Tooth and we needed to all have one another's backs. Then he bought them all a shark tooth necklace. So this is my Team Shark Tooth tribute.

Anyway, surgery is on the 16th of September. Pre-operational testing is on the 15th. The hospital has an inn for patients and their families so I have a room already reserved for the 15th. Husband will drop me off in the morning for the testing and come back in the evening, take me out to dinner, and then we'll stay at the inn. He'll accompany me to the hospital for surgery the next morning, and when I'm out and everything is good, he'll head home to let the kids know I'm okay. Then they can come visit over the weekend.

My oldest daughter is coming from Tulsa to help with the house, kids, and critters and that is a big relief.