Monday, August 13, 2012

Farm Shopping

With any luck, the third time was the charm. I found a property in Hollister, NC that had two houses, a large barn, a small barn, a few small chicken coops around, a nice pond, and 80 acres. The neighborhood was sketchy; the nearest neighbor shared the driveway (which I didn't care for at all).

But the house had an environmental issue in that there was an oil leak that had gone undiscovered for a while and although it was cleaned up, the well wasn't redug. That could mean that oil could have leached or could be leaching into the water supply. The well water supplied the barns and therefore the animals with their drinking water. Can't stomach the idea of the milk being

Found the second place in Blackstone, VA. Beautiful ranch house built in 1993. Had a pole barn, a tobacco barn, an equipment shed, a smoke house, and a small outbuilding. There was a beautiful herb garden right outside the back patio and a nice sized greenhouse.

However, the 113 acres are in a conservation easement in that the area has been groomed to be more a wild-life sanctuary than a working farm. The easement wouldn't allow for additional buildings so that was a no

Found the third place, 46 acre "gentleman's farm" in Wilsons, VA. While the house looks like it's from the late 1800s, it was built in 1973 but with hardwood floors throughout, nice high ceilings (even in the basement which also was completely windowed on all four sides). This house is 4740 square feet, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens (there's a summer kitchen in the basement), formal dining room, family room with fireplace, front parlor, and lots and lots of storage. There's a hay barn, a pole barn, and a two car garage along with a pond that's about two acres. There are 31 acres of woods (for hunting and clearing later if need be) as well as 15 acres in pasture.

I'm in love with this house. I'm already outfitting the front parlor with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to turn it into an office/library. I can use the summer kitchen for the cheesemaking and cocoa packing as well as canning when that time comes.

Waiting now to hear from the realtor.

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