Monday, January 7, 2013

The Cabin

We have a cute little cabin on the property. When we first came to see the house, the caretaker told us it was the "slaves' quarters." However, I think it more likely that it was the kitchen at some point in history. The fireplace in this is really large in comparison to the size of the cabin. I think that perhaps the kitchen slaves may have slept on the second level above the kitchen.
See the door there, there's a marble stoop at the entrance.

I had a look at it this weekend and was really surprised to see such nice thick marble out in the boonies. Then I looked closer, and one end was rounded while the other end was flat and I thought "oh uh."

So I flipped it over.

And what I thought was correct. However, we did some more research in the old cemetary and this man is listed on the headstone with his wife, who died in 1972. So I don't feel too bad now about the fact that this has been a stoop for so many years.

weird huh?


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