Monday, April 22, 2013

My husband and the hogs

Cam was out this weekend scratching the hogs behind their ears. Apparently Martha and William Howard Taft (WHT) both just LOVE to have their ears scratched. WTH loved it so much that he flopped down onto the ground onto his back and had Cam scratch his belly too! It was freaking hilarious to watch.
Martha is the one on the left; she has white front feet. I think that other hog is Abigail. The gilts are noticabley smaller than the barrows but Martha is getting chubby - if she keeps it up, she'll have a ground-dragging belly! :-)

Lots of yard work done this weekend but still no plants in the ground. Kind of grateful for that considering that we had a bit of a frost last night. I think we're safe now though and after I pick up some nitrogen, I'm going to plant some potatoes this week. I also have a ton of tomatoes to get moved out to the garden but I still need to get more beds made. I'll work on that tonight, after I get finished with my day job.

That is, if my elbows can take it.


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