Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Goats

So last week, we picked up Catherine's pet lamb, Lola.
We also got a 5-month Nubian/LaMancha male as a companion for Freckles.  His name is Francisco; I had him castrated this week. Helped the vet do it in the driveway. 

The other female we got didn't work out; she was too tall to keep confined. She kept hopping the fence between one pen and the other. Don't need a wandering goat eating up my garden. So I traded her for a Nigerian Dwarf/Mini-Saanen mix who is currently in milk and will be three this year. Her name is Fiona. She's the second one from the left. 

Little Fern is also a new addition to the farm. Her parents are Freckles and his sister, Frida. Yeah, I know. I sold Frida back to the woman from whom I purchased her initially. But she didn't  want any babies so I got the doeling back. Fern was born May 11, 2014. 
She's getting the hang of the bottle. Slowly but surely. She didn't run from me when I went in with her second one of the day. 

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