Monday, January 12, 2015

Moving Day

Sunday was spent packing up my oldest son's stuff and moving him to Blacksburg, VA. 

He found a room in a house of four other men that's within walking distance of his new job. He's not starting for another week or so, but he's planning on looking for a second job and getting himself settled in. 

Got his stuff unloaded. 
And then we headed out for some lunch. Packing and driving and unloading had us eating our lunch around 3:30pm. 

After fortifying ourselves with burgers and fries (thank you, Red Robin), we went shopping for some basics: towels, a set of dishes, some cook wear, a trash can, some toiletries, and a nice TV (his was a handmedown of a handmedown and is pretty ancient). I kept asking him "do you need sheets?" The answer was no until I got home and realized that all the linens I washed were still in the same place they were when I folded them.  This morning I ordered him some sheet sets, extra pillowcases, and a small refrigerator. 

Next stop was the closest grocery store. We picked up some food and a $100 gift card so he won't have to worry about food for a little while. 

It's been weird not having him here and I miss him very much. I know this is going to be great for him. Plus, I'm not planning on letting him move back home because I don't think I could do all these emotions all over again. 

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