Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sad, sad day

It is not a good day today. 

I started almost two years ago with two Nigerian Dwarf goats, Mr. Freckles and Franny. 

Today, we had to put Mr. Freckles down. What a stupid euphemism. We, not we really, because my husband is a super awesome man who drove home and did the deed while I took two kids to the dentist. 

One kid has three cavities with the possibility of two more. I had half flat tire when I got to the dentist's office but didn't realize it. Another patient in the waiting room pointed it out to me. Run across the street to the gas station and as soon as I got the tire up to pressure, I could hear the leak. One can of Fix A Flat later, I'm back on the road. 

Ideally, I'd get new tires; I've had the truck since Aug 2012. That'll have to wait til next pay period. 

So back to Mr. Freckles. The vet was out last week. He had urinary calculi (stones) in his urethra. The vet was able to get some out, along with a lot of puss. Gave two shots, antibiotic and pain reliever. Freckles was okay for a day or two, but this morning he was making sad, painful sounds and lying down. The vet said he could be okay or there could be a lot more stones. I couldn't let him stay in pain, but he's a farm animal, not a pet. The next option was expensive surgery. 

Rest in peace, Mr.Freckles. Maybe one of the three does you knocked up will give us a Freckles the Second. 

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