Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's kidding time!

Proud mama, Franny.

Franny had two kids, a buckling and a doeling late Sunday/early Monday March 23, 2015. 

Both are really healthy, passing yellow stools so are getting milk, and are adorable and inquisitive. 

For now, we're calling the buckling Freckles the Second. That's him in all his fluffy cuteness above. 
The doeling we're calling C.C. short for Cookies N Cream. She's only slightly smaller than her brother. 

It's funny how much of a combination they are of their parents compared to their first offspring. 

Last year, Franny had two doelings - one who was a buckskin like herself (her mini-me) and the other who was black and white like the dad. These two look very different from their sisters.

Both parents were registered; one with one goat association and the other to a different one. However, they are both 100% Nigerian Dwarf so I'm selling these. 

The other does I have that are expecting are mutts. Not much income from them.

Too bad. These guys are super cute and crazy corny!!

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