Monday, November 12, 2012

Inspection report

So, after the inspection comes the winnowing through the report to figure out what is an actual repair versus an upgrade. What is important and probably expensive to what is easily done and could be handled by us. To what is truly important and what is not.

Plumbing and electrical are serious matters to me.

I can deal with a lot and to be honest, sections of the house are 231 years old. I'm not asking for the moon. I've done masonry work so the mortar missing in spaces, I can manage. The rotten boards at one of the four doors into the house, I can replace myself (we were thinking of putting a deck there anyway). We said they can not clean up the crap in the yard (think a few random windows, doors, and a bunch of crap in two of the three outbuildings) and I'll clean the gutters come spring when the leaves stop falling down. But an outlet that doesn't work? I don't know whether or not it's that outlet or an electrical issue. We were informed when we put in the offer that the dishwasher doesn't work; however, it wasn't plumbed correctly either and I don't want to have to pay that much extra when I put in a new dishwasher.

The ceiling fan? Sure - it's ugly but I'm not sure why it doesn't work - faulty wiring or broken fan? That needs to be checked. And so on and so on...

The house has a well and along with a well comes a water pump with settings. Currently, the water pressure in the house is not good. I'll have three kids with their clothes to wash, people who drink water, gardens eventually, and animals too. I need to know that the water is there...drilling a well is Xdollars per foot down. It can get pretty pricey.

It's about safety for my family. We've moving there full-time; this will be our forever house. The sellers have moved to Richmond. They are obviously interested in selling the place (why put it on the market otherwise) but they haven't live there full-time a while. I'm going to be living there for a LONG WHILE. And I want to make sure everything works.

We went through the list at the onset; to have them come back and ask if we would take credit for some items when they have the full report along with our checked list is annoying and rude. I didn't ask for anything ridiculous. The seller has two children with a third on the way; I would think they would see some things and think "Well, if we were buying, we'd want the same."

I don't want a credit. If they lowered the price of the house by $5K, it would make a $4 difference in my mortgage payment. Fixing things now is money now. Getting a "credit" is money, theoretically, in 30 years.

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