Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Update on the inspection report

So we went over the inspection report (which was about 32 pages long) and winnowed out what was and wasn't an important fix. I picked the plumbing and electrical to concentrate on because those to me seem to scream professional help for health and safety reasons.

The sellers' contractor was at the house this past weekend and is confident that the repairs we requested can be made within the confines of the budget that the sellers have set. The amount isn't small by any stretch of the imagination - they set a cap of $3500. There is a problem with stating a specific amount however. What happens if the contractor gets in there, and the repairs are actually closer to $4500? What happens then? Well thankfully my realtor is totally on my side and wants the actual price of $3500 removed from the paperwork so that it just states repairs will be made. Period.

Meanwhile, I was looking at Lowes for a new dishwasher and then started looking at fencing material and options. Checking out cabinets to build an island at the Ikea website.

I knew when I started painting here that I was going to move....bad side? The colors I picked/purchased/painted on the walls for my living room, dining room, kitchen, front entryway, stairwell, and upstairs hallway are all from Home Depot. The closest "home improvement" store is a Lowes (and closest is relative - it's 25 miles away) and they don't carry the same paint brands/colors. So I'll have to do this all over again. At least now I know what I want as far as color families.

The kids more and more vacillate between being gung ho and being OH NO about moving. I keep trying to keep them engaged and moving forward. This week, I asked the 7-th grader what color he wanted to paint his room - choices were RED or BLUE? RED? No - mama struck down red as inappropriate for a bedroom. Any shade of blue is fine. Female second grader wants her room to be purple; that works actually since her en suite bathroom is already a pale purple. Male second grader wants his room to be LIME GREEN! LOL It's navy blue now; primer will be involved.

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