Monday, December 10, 2012


The appraisal process has been the biggest pain in the ass I could ever not go through again. To begin with, the dude who was tasked with putting the appraisal together decided to take off the entire week of Thanksgiving and not TELL ANYONE so that was delayed at least a week.

Once it was completed, it was almost immediately rejected. The first time. It was sent back with six or seven things to correct. So that Thursday we thought it was Check on Monday.

Checked on Monday. MORE TO FIX! This time, the information should be back by Thursday; so ready to us by Friday.

Friday came and no...there were still things that were not good. The underwriter was working to make the appraisal work but still, no...not approved.

Today, Monday was the day... and what to my wondering ears do hear but the fact that it's still not officially approved BUT (this is a big but), it's been sent to the auditor's office. This is good only because the mortgage company clerk said that the paperwork is not usually sent to the auditor's office unless it's already been approved by the underwriter.

There are too many people who have control over my life at this moment in time and it's a bit disconcerting and more than a bit annoying.

Per the closing agreement, we were supposed to do the closing on Friday - THIS FRIDAY! But we don't know if the appraisal is official and even if it is, they (the mortgage company) say they need the sewer/well water report - and we don't have that.

But!!! The electrical and plumbing repairs were made this past week; the roofing repairs were delayed due to rain but should be dealt with this week. The old oil tank area was tested and there are no leaks and no environmental issues as a result of that.

I keep posting wish list items to my amazon list hoping this is all going to pass.  My wish list is here:

I've held off on registering the kids at their new school til we know (we were supposed to cut school last Friday to check out the schools and register) and now we'll have to pick another day. I want my kids to see what they are getting into before the holiday break. I want them to meet at least some (in the case of the 7th grader) of their teachers before they start on Jan 3.

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