Friday, December 21, 2012

Cardboard and more cardboard

Every day I try and pack up another section of the house that isn't being used. Today it was the craft cave! I haven't packed the wrapping paper but that's about the only thing left back there to pack!

Slowly but surely, every room in the house is being filled with cardboard boxes. Dining room? Everything is packed up but the fruit basket and some thanksgiving art that I'm going to throw away.
Living room? Packed but for some crafty stuff I'm still using. Family room? Packed but for the electronics. Kitchen? That'll be last but I have packed up a bunch of small appliances and tools that I'm not

The kids bedrooms will be packed up this weekend and Wednesday. There's not much to do other than throw clothes in boxes, throw stuffed animals in boxes and pull down some shelves/posters/art. I think I'll work on my bedroom tonight. There's still a bunch of stuff under the bed and the closet that needs to be dealt with.

I can't wait to be unpacked already! LOL

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