Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moving In

The movers unpacked the two trucks and stuffed a bunch of boxes and furniture into the house.

Boxes are plentiful because of the things stored in closets that will not have a corresponding home. My craft cave is gone so the stuff has gone to Catherine's bathroom storage. There is no closet under the stairs so not sure where that's all going. No closet in either of the boys' rooms but that was mostly just hats and some toys. No coat closet so we're having to improvise some hook sets and use hangers on the hooks for our good coats. Also have to figure out where to store everyone's winter hats and gloves and stuff. I suppose the unit I had in the closet to hold shoes could have a few baskets on top for holding the hats and gloves.

We took a trip into Farmville today to go to Lowes. Closest Lowes is 24 miles away - one way. :-) Farmville also has the closest WalMart and it's the home of a university so there's a bunch of cute shops and neat places to eat. We had lunch at a place called Macadas. It's a sandwich place - tons of yummy  sounding sandwiches and homemade potato chips.

Damages at Lowes after filling up two flatbed carts and a shopping cart AND ordering a dishwasher with delivery, installation, and a 4-year extended warranty...let's just say it was a lot.

Bonus when we checked the mailbox on Thursday night when we got here? Christmas cards and a refund check from the title agency for a little over $900! Yeah that covered a bunch today and the rest was already budgeted in savings.

I'm on my computer trying to back up my iphone 3GS so I can get all that crap on my new iphone 5. I couldn't get a 4 or 4S for some reason. Oh no...I know the reason. Apple is assholish and once they decide you need the next model, they discontinue the previous ones even when they worked better.

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