Monday, December 17, 2012

Historic Information

I got some information from the realtor today about the house. Was very surprised and thrilled to get the information on the original owner.

The original owner was in the English Navy. He moved to Virginia with his first wife, and two sons; a third was born in the US. His first wife died when he was 68, and he remarried and had eight children with his second wife. I'm still doing the research, he fathered his last child at 86 or so! :-)

Found this website with tons of information about the Floods.

Also included in the packet of information was a little map of the cemetary. Apparently the one headstone there is one of ten or so - but there are eight markers in the ground that are covered with pasture grasses. The other headstone is a double and was for members of the Word family.

Closing is tomorrow. Of course, weird little things are cropping up. The paperwork didn't get to the title person until late this afternoon and we don't know how much we're supposed to be paying. Then, my realtor read through something and discovered that while the purchase agreement has the seller paying most of the closing costs, there's nothing he can find in the this will hopefully all work its way out in the morning because we'll have to leave the house as soon as we get James on the bus so we can make it to the office for the noon closing.

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