Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We bought the farm!

We did it!

We've actually gone and done it.

We've bought a farmhouse over 231 years old!

We got to the office earlier than we thought - we always make sure to add time to travel because going anywhere around Washington DC takes twice as long as you expect it to. But an earlier arrival time meant we could start earlier - they didn't have any problems with letting us start signing all the paperwork.

As we worked our way through the pile of papers, we told the attorney and our realtor all the newest information we'd discovered regarding the property - the footstones, Thomas Jefferson mentioning by name and county the second owner of the house and his brother, the original owner and his either 10 or 15 children (conflicting accounts of how many kids per wife).

Our realtor, my husband Cam, and I all had a celebratory shot of the whiskey we brought down (complete with black to-go cups LOL). Everyone shook hands and congratulations were offered around. The financing representative from Farm Credit told us that they also do loans for farm equipment and buildings so make sure we keep her information (which I will). The attorney is a big history nut, and we'll need a lawyer and I will recommend my realtor to anyone looking for property down south of here. He was absolutely wonderful and found me the farm of my dreams!

I'll write more later; I'm going to go order my chicks.