Friday, August 16, 2013

Unexpected but wonderful!

I had a really wonderful surprise guest this week. On Mon or Tues, an unfamiliar car parked in my driveway. That's a big deal because my driveway is 4/10 a mile long. If you're parking, you mean to BE here. 

Turns out, it was an older African-American woman who had worked for the Words for 30 years. 

The Words sold this house in 1997. They were the last of seven generations who owned this place, starting in 1775.  So, even if 1997 was when she stopped working, that means she's known this house since around 1967. 

Of course I let her in! She told me all kinds of neat stuff like missing doors, stairs, apartments; there was a bathroom in my pantry area at one point.  

Her son was with her; he was a playmate of the Word's only son, David. He told me about sliding down the bannister and David's toys, riding dirt bikes in the woods, and hunting there too.

She asked if she could come back. I told her she had to bring pictures next time. 

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