Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rooster Culling

Planned to process five of our six roosters today. That's too many roosters for just 12 hens. But Mother Nature interfered again. Couldn't find a spot to set up the propane burner - wanted to set up a big pot outside and keep the water nice and hot, but too windy out there. 

It's currently snowing. Husband had to leave early...AGAIN... because of the weather. Didn't want to get stuck here or in transit in the projected 5-10 inches of snow. 

Planted more seeds today. We planted some cabbage (3 types), cauliflower (2 types), bok choy, and various herbs last weekend and we have little sprouts!
Today, I planted some Minibel tomatoes. They are a tiny cherry tomato that does best in containers so no reason to wait for frost concerns for those. I also planted Roselle Red Thai, which is a kind of hibiscus that had edible flowers and leaves. Sounded interesting when I was buying seeds. What I didn't use, I put into a card and will mail to my oldest daughter in Tulsa. While speaking with her today, she said she was going to try and grow some tomatoes in her apartment and I thought "Hey! I have the perfect tomato!" 

Bacon is still brining as is the ham. I think I'm going to smoke a piece of bacon tomorrow and see if it's ready. It's been about 10 days. 

The ham I think will be for Easter :-)

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