Friday, December 4, 2015


I don't really like nor enjoy Christmas. I do all the stuff I'm supposed to do, but it's a ridiculous waste of money and emotion. The children's expectations are somewhat unrealistic sometimes even when they know the budget. They end up getting whatever they want most of the time so getting present ideas out of them is annoying. I get random shit ideas that end up forgotten or trashed. 

I just read through the Xmas_list.xml file where I keep an itemized list of the gifts I get everyone for Christmas. Accompanying that list is a corresponding pivot table so I can see how much I've spent per kid. I was looking at presents I've gotten for them since 2005 when I started this spreadsheet. Most of what I got for people in 2013 is a vague memory. Last years? Same. 

I need to do better. 

I only buy presents for my children. If I see something I know someone might like, I'll get it but for the most part, Christmas for me is just about my kids. I only track that spending. 

That being said, I've spent, according to the spreadsheet, a little too much for the youngest. I bought a digital microscope for the youngest boy, however it's really a homeschool supply.  And a ninetendo 3DS for his twin (girl) so she'll quit stealing his.

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