Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Grey Storm Clouds

I have one over my head right now. At this moment, that little evil puff ball is making me feel like shit. 

I'm really fucking sick of crutches. I have a very old house. The floors change from room to room. The door thresholds are big enough, but to get to my room, I have to hop over a threshold,  go up almost 6 inches from the foyer to the family room. Down into the back hall over another high threshold, and over one more threshold into my room. Most places aren't wide enough so there's a lot of sideways sidling. 

I'm tired all the time. 

My ankle still hurts to touch and when I accidentally put weight on it, it's painful. The other night I got my feet tangled in the blankets and woke up yelping because of the pain. 

The husband was gone all last week. He'll be gone three days this week and three days next week. I'm sick of eating easy-to-prepare, frozen, and instant food. There are no places that deliver and none of my friends live nearby so asking someone to make a food run isn't really an option. 

I'm getting depressed. Can't walk. Can't do chores. Can't stand up very long. Can't take a bath because I have a clawfoot tub and I can't get in and out of it so it's been "whore's bath" at the sink.

I'm really sick of this. 

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